Thursday, May 12, 2011

"Prevention is better than cure." Out of a country's health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and prevention measures.

Nowadays, technology and science is improving so fast, along with these improvements people would face new difficulties in different fields.
One of these problems is people's health.

In the first glance, it seems very difficult for us to draw a quick conclusion that a large proportion of country's budget should be focused on prevention or treatment.

Today, in all over the world people may face new diseases that don't have any solutions, So government and people all together try to find out ways of treatment and specific medicines. Also government should spend more health budget to cure people who suffer from a new disease.
For an instance, a few years ago a kind of flue as a chronic and infectious sickness spread widely in Japan and government had to spend a lot of money to survive the country.

Bu in my point of view, before suffering an unknown illness, all of us have to think about prevention measures instead of trying to find medicines.
Government should spend more money on health education services and teach everyone to protect him/her self from sicknesses, as well.
Media like T.V, internet, radio and newspapers play an important role in the society's awareness about prevention measures. Therefore, they should be aware and up-to-date and learn different ways of prevention.

Taking into account of all these factors, we may reach the conclusion that, prevention is better than cure. We can save money and time with prevention measures instead of spending more time to find some ways for treatment.
Because it's easy to prevent ourselves from diseases but it's hard to predict, once if you suffer from a disease, is there any solution or medicine to recover?


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  3. Hi there,
    Just some quick corrections:
    > "it seems very difficult" -> "it seems to be very difficult"
    > we should not end our essay with a question:
    "Because it's easy to prevent ourselves from diseases but it's hard to predict, once if you suffer from a disease, is there any solution or medicine to recover?"

    I think we can just keep it as simple as this: "it's easy to prevent ourselves from diseases but it's hard to predict"


  4. your answr is what about that prople who already suffered from various diseases....lik old people...if govt. spend all money on preventive measures.....thn whre u giv treatmnt to olde peopl or whoevr suffering frm diffrnt disseases

  5. topic is pointless....nothing can be achieved when there is a cap on the amount of work one can do.when you get this completey youll understand why.leaves a good question thou

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  8. The question talks about the budget. It says major proportion should be diverted from treatment to health education. Then what will happen to the existing patients. Should we leave them all and save the future generation? Indeed the money which is allotted in heath budget is not sufficient for treatment. At this juncture when divert major portion of the budget for health education what will be the scenario?