Monday, April 11, 2011

The charts below the results of a survey of adult education. The first chart shows the reasons why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the costs of adult education should be shared.

The first graph shows that adults decide to study for some reasons, nearly 40% of adults study for interesting in subject. But this percentage gradually decline by 9-12% basis   are based on reasons. So 9% of people just study for meeting people.
The result of a survey of adult education in this graph shows that 38-40% of people‘s studying is for gaining qualifications and interesting in subject. In contrast with, only 12% of them are studying to be able to change their jobs.

Approximately 20-22% of adults study because  for the following reasons, including: they enjoy learning/studying, they want to improve prospects of promotion and they think their educations are helpful for their current job.
The pie chart shows that the how costs of each course should be shared but the maximum these costs is individual that is covered by 40% and the minimum of these costs should be provided by taxpayer nearly 25% of it. Employers can support the costs by 35%  . About 40% of the cost of each course should be paid by individuals, employers will help the pay for about 35% and taxpayers can only afford 25% of the share.

To sum up, most adults study for interesting in subject and the maximum amount of the costs of each course should be provided individually so these people should prepare their education costs.


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  6. Can anyone correct this report and tell me is this perfect for IELTS score 6.?
    Qus: The charts below the results of a survey of adult education. The first chart shows the reasons why adults decide to study. The pie chart shows how people think the costs of adult education should be shared.(150)

    Ans: I am going to described about a survey of adult education from two given chart. Why people decided to continue their study we can find it from our first chart. The highest number of people decided to study because they have interest in subject. 40% of student student going to higher education because of the reason. From the chart we can see 38% adult show interest about study because they are quite serious about their qualification. Adult study is helpful for current job as well so 22% of people attached with study for the reason. when people start their service or job life they try to know how its possible to improve prospects of promotion and for that's reason 20% of them carry on study. 20% number of people really like to learning for gain knowledge. Some people continue study cause they want to do some thing better and try to change the job. thats only 12% of people think about it. There is another reason adults decide to study that is, to meet people, but the percentage is very few only 9%.

    From the pie chart we can discuss how the cost should be shared. Every person can carry 40% of the study cost. If any one doing job, then the employer should contribute 35% and the the taxpayer can take 25% of cost each course.

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  8. The bar chart demonstrates the different reasons for studying in adulted presented in a questionare,while the bar chart illustrates the people thinking of best way of share of adult education.

    In relation to the bar chart,in terms of greatest contribution, students interested in subject and the wish to gain qualification made the greatest two reasons by percantages of 40%and 38% respectively.

    In contrast, the wish of students to meet people(9%) and to be able to change job (12%) had the least contributions.other reasons as helping current jobs(22%,improving pormotion prospect(20%) and to enjoy learning(22% were of similar figures and constituted the missle zone categories

    looking at the pie chart,people think that the highest portion is to be payed by the student(40),with the employer giving 30%, while taxation can cover the least part(25%)

    Overall, despite having many reason to study, students chose it manily because of the interest in subject

  9. Can I write the opening like this: ?
    The charts including a bar graph and a pie chart reveal the survey findings about adult education. The bar graph illustrates adults' motives for study while the pie chart demonstrates the way the course fees should be divided in people's opinion
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  11. The bar chart illustrates the reasons that adult decide to well as,the pie chart reveals the results of a survey of adult education costs of each course should be shared.

    Approximately 38-40% of adults study for to gain qualifications and interest in subject.however,22-20% of the adults persuve studies for helpful for their currents jobs and to improve prospects of their promotion .in addition to this,20% of study for enjoying learning studying and 12% of people are not satisfied with their jobs.moreover,9% of people studies for to meet the new people.
    overall the impact,the pie chart shows the globally, 75% of each course shared individuals and employer 40% and 35% respectively. A further more 25% is paid by taxpayer.

    In conclusion, from the above information it is clear that the reasons for study is declined.